The time between two doses of Biontech and Sinovac vaccines has changed (Meeting of the Scientific Committee)

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The coronavirus scientific committee met under the chairmanship of the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca by video conference.

The agenda for the meeting included the vaccination program with Delta and Delta Plus variants, which also started to spread in Turkey.

Minister of Health Dr. Fahrettin Koca made statements after the meeting.

Highlights from Koca’s statements:

Our Scientific Council on the Coronavirus met today to discuss the evolution of the number of cases, our vaccination program and the measures of the holiday. As you know, we have administered over 60 million doses of vaccine to date through a rapid vaccination program. From the start, we determined that we wanted to apply at least 1 dose of vaccine to all of our citizens aged 18 and over before the holidays and achieve the holidays in this way as a goal. We have declared that this is the most important step to get back to normal.

We instantly share with you target population vaccination rates in our provinces, daily applications and vaccine doses. Our provinces, which turn blue on the map, excite us and express the hope of getting rid of the epidemic. Our torches on the path to hope are our cities turning blue.

As you can see, there has been an upward trend in the number of cases over the past week. Our old and bitter experience shows that it is very expensive to control. Unfortunately, there is a similarity between our provinces with an increasing number of cases and the vaccination rate. With few exceptions, the number of cases in our provinces with low vaccination rates is increasing several times compared to the previous week.


We have before us an example from England. When the epidemic was over, they suddenly encountered tens of thousands of cases. The increase in the number of cases, which is gratifying, is not yet increasing the number of deaths.

However, this is an important example that shows us that we need to learn a lesson. The coronavirus mutates by nature, and variants can increase the rate of transmission or the ability to make you sick. In addition to the vaccine weapon, we also have the power to adapt to measures against the increase in variants. We may also be protected from variants by following the precautions.

The days to come are just before the vacation we were expecting. We certainly don’t have to compromise on measurements when we meet over the holidays. Inattention can render our weapons ineffective. Action is our guarantee. We should not interfere with the crowds in closed areas with limited ventilation, and we should not make the holidays harmful to ourselves and our loved ones. If we follow the measures and get vaccinated, this vacation will be the last vacation we will spend without kissing and kissing each other’s hands. For the last time, let’s stay away from contact with each other on this feast.


Our scientific committee has also evaluated some current developments in the field of vaccine administration. According to the new information and experiences obtained, for our citizens whose first dose of vaccine has been completed, those who have the Sinovac vaccine can receive their second dose of vaccine 4 weeks later, and those who have the Biontech vaccine can receive their second dose of vaccine 3 weeks after the first dose.

In our systems, the right to immunization is defined accordingly. If the day has come, you can go and get vaccinated by making an appointment. Our goal is to have our 1st and 2nd dose vaccines until the holidays in order to enter the holidays safely.

Despite the success of our vaccination program, there is an increasing trend in the number of cases. This is an indication that the epidemic is not yet over. Of course, we are not on an agenda that will need further restrictions. However, if we do not stick to the measures and do not get vaccinated, we may face difficult days. The condition for a strong return to normal is to comply with the measures until Community immunity is provided in the form of a vaccine.

On this occasion, I congratulate you in advance for Eid-al-Adha and wish you and your loved ones to achieve much more with health and happiness.

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