Tokyo 2020: Olympic organizers ask public not to participate in marathons and marches

At a test event in Sapporo, volunteers carried signs asking people to refrain from watching the event to prevent the spread of Covid.

Olympic organizers have called on the public not to line up the marathon and walking route at the Tokyo Games over fears crowds could spread coronavirus infections.

Both events take place in Sapporo, which has always implemented Covid emergency measures.

Organizers said “to reduce the risk of infection” they would restrict “the movement of members of the public.”

The Games, delayed for a year due to the pandemic, begin on July 23.

Organizers of the event said they met with police and local government officials to discuss arrangements for the walking events, which take place on August 6, and the women’s and men’s marathons, which take place on the following two days.

In a statement, they added that they would continue to work with local authorities “to ensure a safe and secure Tokyo 2020 Games for all participants and for the citizens of Sapporo and Hokkaido.”

Meanwhile, Kyodo News reported that Japan is likely to extend a near-state of emergency for the greater Tokyo area by another month, and that the opening ceremony could be one of many Olympic events taking place. will take place without spectators.

The delayed Tokyo Games were already scheduled to take place without the presence of international fans due to coronavirus restrictions.

Local spectators, however, are still permitted to attend, with up to 10,000 Japanese fans permitted to watch the events, provided the crowds do not exceed 50% of a venue’s capacity.

The Paralympic Games will take place from August 24 to September 5.

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