Tokyo Olympics: black bear at softball stadium still not caught off guard

Asian black bears, like the one pictured, are commonly seen in the Fukushima area, but the bear in question has managed to escape the gaze of the U.S. softball team, including pitcher Monica Abbott and coach Ken Eriksen.

Shall we go bear hunting … at the Olympic softball stadium?

The United States softball team said it was on the lookout heading to Azuma Stadium in Fukushima on Thursday after reports of a furry intruder without a ticket – an Asian black bear – emerged. heard the day before.

The one-meter-long animal has been sighted several times before the opening game of the Olympic softball tournament, but foiled the capture and still roams the area, according to local media.

US coach Ken Eriksen, who lives in Florida, said the team attempted to spy on him during their bus ride to the stadium.

“We were actually looking to see if we could find another bear,” he added. “We don’t have a lot of bears where we are.”

Bear sightings are common in Japan, as they often venture into towns and villages.

“I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t see it!” American pitcher Monica Abbott told reporters.

The bear was only a temporary distraction for the team, as their 1-0 win over Canada on Thursday gave the gold medal favorites some relaxation in their first two games.

The Games officially open this Friday.

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