Two brothers found dead at their home in Istanbul

Two brothers from Turkmenistan were found dead at their home in Istanbul’s Pendik district.

According to the information received, when the owner of a basement of a building in the district of Fatih, Hicaz Street, looked out the window and saw that his tenants Umytjan Charyyev (35 years old) and Zafarjan Charyyev (37 years old) were motionless on the ground, he informed the police and medical teams of the situation.

While security forces took precautions by pulling a tape at the entrance to the building, the health team, who entered the apartment with the owner opening the door, determined that the brothers had lost their lives.

On the first examination, no trace of blood or assault was found, it was found that there were 6-7 empty cologne bottles in the kitchen.

The bodies of the two brothers were taken to the Institute of Forensic Medicine after the crime scene investigation.

The brothers are considered to have been poisoned after mixing cologne with turnip and drinking it.

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