Unemployment figures for June announced

The Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) announced the workforce statistics for the period of June 2021.

As a result, the number of unemployed people aged 15 and over in Turkey decreased by 823,000 people in June compared to the previous month and grew to 3 million 399,000 people.

The unemployment rate, on the other hand, fell 2.5 points to 10.6%. The unemployment rate fell by 2.7 points compared to the same month of the previous year.

The non-farm unemployment rate fell 2.7 points from the previous month and was calculated at 12.3% in June.

During the said month, the unemployment rate of the young population covering the 15-24 age group fell to 22.7% with a decrease of 0.2 percentage point compared to the previous month, and the rate d employment rose to 32.6% with an increase of 0.4 percentage point. The activity rate of this age group, on the other hand, increased by 0.6 point compared to the previous month and rose to 42.3%.

The lowest unemployment rate in the last 3 years

The announced unemployment rate fell to its lowest level in the past 3 years with a sharp drop in June. The unemployment rate was 10.7% in July 2018.

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