Vaccine shipment declaration from Minister of Health Koca

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said the BioNTech vaccines, whose supply was interrupted, started arriving last night and said: “We will receive our vaccine, which is close to 13 million doses, of here Monday. We are returning to our normal speed. on Friday. ”used the sentences.

Minister Koca, in a statement following the meeting of the coronavirus scientific committee held by the videoconference method, drew attention to the fact that the fight against forest fires is continuing in an important part of the country. country.

In this context, stating that citizens and officials are working with dedication with all their might in unity and solidarity, Koca noted that health services are rapidly provided both in the region and in hospitals for those affected by fires.

Noting that at the start of the meeting, all members of the scientific committee on the disaster situation in the country expressed their sadness, Koca said:

“The fighting power of our country and its experience of fighting in unity and solidarity with our citizens is extremely high. In terms of health, our ministry and organization follow developments in the disaster-prone continental region. We have fought fires as a country. during one week. Our volunteer teams from UMKE, Emergency Health professionals, each of us wants to run. They are everywhere. They do what each of us would like to do. With the heroes of the forest who are blinded by the smoke, and those who cry in their sadness, these days we are one, we are together. “

At the meeting, Minister Koca said that the daily number of cases, which is well over 20,000, which they consider to be the critical limit, the vaccination process and what needs to be done to achieve a vaccination rate who will ensure community immunity was discussed.

Recalling that the number of Covid-19 cases was around 25,000 yesterday, Koca continued as follows:

“The current situation reveals that contagions during the Eid festival continue to increase. The epidemic is an undeniable fact of life. The fight against the epidemic cannot be reduced to a simple matter, even if it is used to the epidemic agenda. It is easier to take the necessary precautions against the risk than to pretend that the disease does not exist when you are afraid inside. It’s difficult. “We have to take back the good habits we have acquired. , masks are still needed. “


Stating that the vaccination schedule for the population aged 18 and over was adhered to, Koca pointed out that the rate of those who received the first dose of vaccination was over 66%.

Expressing that the rapid increase in the first dose rate to these levels as soon as the supply difficulty is overcome, Koca said, “There are people who delay vaccination. Even if they take risks today by not getting the vaccine, their thoughts will change. as scientists offer them convincing explanations. Health, indecision, opposition. It is not a suitable subject. Almost all of humanity and the scientific world do not agree on an error. warned.


Minister Koca said the shipment of BioNTech vaccine to Turkey was reduced by 4 days from July 31 to August 3 due to production disruption, and said: “Our BioNTech vaccines started arriving overnight. last. We will receive our vaccine, which is nearly 13 million doses, by Monday. Friday is normal. We return at our own pace. Thanks to our people who understood the situation. ”Made statements.

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