What is the dollar rate today? (August 3, 2021 dollars – price in euros)

While global markets have followed a mixed course, dollar / TL It is trading at 8.35.

Euro / TL He’s looking at 9.92.


Manufacturing industry purchasing managers index (PMI) data released to the world yesterday has been tracked. While the manufacturing PMI index continued its upward trend across Europe, the US ISM manufacturing PMI index fell from 60.6 to 59.5, in below expectations.

On the other hand, although the completion of the 2,700-page text of the US Senate’s $ 1,000 billion infrastructure bill supported markets, the US Treasury Department suspended certain borrowing activities in implementing extraordinary measures to prevent the country from defaulting with the expiration of the debt limit, limiting the positive effect.

Experts today inflationsaid the Eurozone Producer Price Index (PPI) and US factory order data will be tracked overseas.

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