What is the dollar rate today? (July 30, 2021 dollar – price in euros)

See the lowest level over the past 6 weeks with 8.4335 as the US dollar weakens. dollar / TL, finds buyers around 8.45-8.46 today.


The exchange rate ended the day above 8.45 yesterday after hitting 8.4335, its lowest level since June 16.

Taken until 10.04 yesterday euro / TL he ended the day at 10.0680. The Euro / TL is still around the 10.04-10.06 levels today.

In his presentation of the inflation report yesterday, the governor of the central bank Şahap Kavcıoğlu stressed that the restrictive monetary policy will continue and that the interest rate will remain above inflation.

In addition, they announced that they had updated their year-end inflation forecast from 12.2% to 14.1%.

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