What is the dollar rate today? (June 25, 2021 dollar – price in euros)

On the last trading day of the week, exchange rates hover at yesterday’s closing levels.

Reversing its 8.65s horizontal price yesterday upward towards market close. dollar / TL 8.70; euro / TL It is rated at around 10.40.


The dollar index, on the other hand, is at 91.8 with a decline of 0.1% from the previous close.

Experts say the dollar is growing with the approval of the US $ 1.2 trillion infrastructure package, the US Federal Reserve (Fed) passing the stress test of 23 major banks and announcing that restrictions imposed due to the new type of Corona virus outbreak (Covid-19) will be lifted on June 30. He said the country’s currencies had fallen against the

Stating that the data agenda is calm in the country today and that personal income and expenses in the United States and the University of Michigan consumer confidence index will be tracked abroad, experts said noted that statements from the current European Union leaders’ Summit and Fed officials remain at the center of the agenda.

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