What is the dollar rate today? (May 12, 2021 dollar – price in euros)

USD / TLAfter starting the day with an uptrend it is trading at the 8.33 levels.

Yesterday the dollar / TL, which gained value in line with rising interest on US 10-year bonds, closed the day at 8.2884, 0.09% above the previous close.

The dollar / TL is trading at 8.3305, 0.5% above the previous close at 10:30 am, after starting the new day with an uptrend.

In the same minutes, the Euro / TL is sold from 10.1130 with a 0.2% increase and from £ 11.7835 with a 0.3% gain in value.

While the dollar index is balanced at the 90.3 level with an increase of 0.1%, the euro / dollar parity also finds buyers at 1.2130 with a decline of 0.17%.

The US 10-year bond interest rate is at the level of 1.6190% at these minutes.


Analysts said volatility in bond markets and exchange rates increased as inflationary pressures raised expectations that central banks, especially in the United States, could take tightening action sooner than expected.

Analysts said inflation data from the United States will be decisive in the direction of markets, and industrial production data in the euro area and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in the United States will be decisive. followed.

In the United States, the CPI is expected to reach 3.6% per year in April, the highest level recorded since September 2011.

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