What is the dollar rate today? (May 20, 2021 dollar – price in euros)

Exchange rates started quietly the day after yesterday’s hike.

The dollar rate, which regained part of the decline at the start of the week, climbed back above 8.40. Today dollar / TL, 8.37; euro / TL is traded from 10.21 to 10.22.

Following faster-than-expected inflation in the United States, comments by some members to reduce their bond purchases in the FED minutes had a negative impact on the markets. “Some members said that upcoming meetings might be appropriate at some point to start discussing a plan to adjust the pace of asset purchases if the economy continues to move rapidly towards the committee’s goals,” indicates the minutes.

While US 10-year bonds tested 1.70 again after this move, the dollar index rose above 90 points.


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