What is the dollar rate today? (May 31, 2021 dollar – price in euros)

The dollar and euro, which closed the week on a record high, show horizontal movements just below historical levels at the start of the new week.

It hit an all-time high of 8,6136 on the last trading day of last week. dollar / TL, was trading at 8.57 on the first trading day of the week. Euro / TL however, it is valued at 10.46-10.47 with a slight bullish movement.

All eyes will be on the growth data for the Turkish economy in the first quarter, which will be announced today.

The Turkish economy grew 5.9% in the last quarter of last year and 1.8% throughout the year. Expectations are 6.5% in the first quarter; For 2021, it has formed in the direction of a growth of 5.5%.


On the other hand, the standardization decisions to be taken in today’s Council of Ministers will be followed.

In overseas markets, on the first day of the week, when the US and UK markets are on vacation, German inflation and the OECD economic outlook report for 37 countries will be announced.

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