What is the dollar rate today? (May 5, 2021 dollar – price in euros)

The dollar rate continues to fluctuate in a narrow band due to global developments.

After rising to 8.34 in the first half of the day yesterday, the dollar / TL, following a horizontal movement, closed the day around 8.32.

Today dollar / TL It is trading at the 8.33 to 8.35 levels. Euro / TL It continues to fluctuate at the limit of 10.01 lire.

After a speech yesterday, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen stabilized interest on 10-year US bonds at 1.59%.

Experts said the increasing volatility in the markets after Yellen’s statements was an indication of tightening measures major central banks could take in the future or moves that could be caused by verbal manipulation.


Domestically, eyes turned to CBRT. The interest rate decision to be announced tomorrow and the statements contained in the decision text will be followed.

The experts, who said the data-intensive agenda, especially the services sector PMI to be announced worldwide and ADP’s employment in the private sector in the United States, will be monitored. abroad, also pointed out that the importance of speeches by members of the Fed after Yellen’s statements increased.

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