What is the dollar rate today? (September 6, 2021 dollars – price in euros)

USD / TLAfter starting the week on a downtrend, it is trading at levels of 8.30.

Going on an uptrend on Friday, the dollar / TL closed the day at 8.3229 with a rise of 0.5%.

After starting the new week lower, the USD / TRY stabilized at 8.2985, 0.3% below its previous close of 10.10.

In the same minutes, from the previous closing level, the Euro / TL is sold at 9.8520 with a decline of 0.37%, and the British Pound / TL is sold at 11.4860 with a depreciation of 0 , 38%.


While the dollar index rose 0.1% to 92.19, the euro / dollar parity traded at 1.1871 with a decline of 0.1%.

Analysts reported that with the sharp decline in the dollar index over the past two weeks, developing country currencies have continued to appreciate against the dollar.

Stating that the 91.9 level of the dollar index will be followed as support, analysts said that developments in the outbreak of the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) continue to be effective on the prices of active.

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