What is the dollar rate today? (September 9, 2021 dollar – price in euros)

The statements of the Governor of the Central Bank Şahap Kavcıoğlu yesterday were effective in the markets.

“Temporary items will lose their effect on inflation,” Kavcıoğlu said.

Exchange rates, which became active with these statements, hold their position at the 2 week high they saw yesterday.

USD / TLBy trading at 8.49-8.50 euro / TL and he changes hands at 10.06.


Speaking at the economic meeting of the German-Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kavcıoğlu said: “In the world central bank, while determining the stance of monetary policy, core inflation indicators which are free from short-term ancillary factors which are outside the influence of monetary policy is taken as a basis.

In August, inflation reached 19.25%, exceeding the key rate by 19%. President Kavcıoğlu previously announced that they would frequently keep the interest rate above inflation.


Today, routine weekly statistics on money banks and securities in the country and the European Central Bank (ECB) decision on interest rates abroad will be in the foreground.

Statistics from monetary banks will monitor whether the increase in foreign exchange reserves will continue and dollarization, which peaked last week. There is no expectation of interest rate changes from the ECB.

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