What is the price of gold? July 1, 2021 current gold prices

It came down to less than 490 lire yesterday. price per gram of gold, started the new month with a rise.


grams of gold It is traded at levels of 496 lire. at the same time quarter of gold From 811 lire, gold of the republic It is sold for 3,235 lire.

price per ounce of gold while it stands at the level of $ 1,770.72.

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Analysts said concerns about the spread of the delta variant seen in the new type of corona virus outbreak (Covid-19) were offset by news that some vaccines were effective against new variants, and said that the increase in demand for the dollar resulted in a sharp drop in the ounce of gold.

Stating that $ 1,745 will be considered the critical level with the breaking of the long-standing compression in the price of gold, analysts noted that if it is below that level, $ 1,720 is support, and s ‘It is exceeded, $ 1,760 is in a resistance position.

Today, the domestic markets will follow the weekly monetary and banking statistics which will be announced by the CBRT. On the flip side, markets are awaiting the release of US nonfarm wage data on Friday.


The Central Bank also changed the foreign exchange reserve requirements applied to banks.

According to the decision published in the Official Journal, the minimum reserve ratio has increased from 19% to 21% for demand deposit funds with a maximum duration of one year. It has increased to 15% for deposit funds with a maturity of more than 1 year.

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