What is the price of gold today? August 20, 2021 current gold prices


Although it registered a slight decline after most politicians pointed to the end of the year for a reduction in asset purchases in the Fed minutes, it started to rise alongside the increase in l uncertainty effect of the Delta variant on world markets.

The last trading day of the week price per gram of gold, dollar / TLAlong with the increase in, it stands at the level of 488 lire.

at the same time gold quarter from 798 lire, gold of the republic It is sold for 3,185 lire.

price per ounce of gold In contrast, it lost value and traded across the border for $ 1,788.

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Analysts pointed out that the dollar / TL gained nearly 1% due to the increasing demand for dollars in world markets, and pointed out that gold prices in the country have trended higher as a result. .

Analysts said the 1.790 level technically would be followed as important resistance, and reported that $ 1.760 is in a support position.

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