What is the price of gold today? June 18, 2021 current gold prices

With global gold prices and the dollar / TL rising, the gram of gold, which was near the historic high of 534 TL in early June, lost to 500 TL despite falling global gold prices, with rising dollar / TL.

However, despite the decline in global gold prices, one gram of gold is traded at the limit of 500 TL on the last trading day of the week with the Dollar / TL seeing 8.70.

An ounce of gold, which started the year at around $ 1,900, fell to $ 1,683 in March. An ounce of gold, which has been at the limit of $ 1,785 since the start of June, is now at $ 1,783.8.


Gold Quarter is around 818 TL, Republic Gold is around 3,264 TL

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