What is the price of gold today? June 4, 2021 current gold prices

The price of a gram of gold is trading at the 525 lira level after starting the day with a rise.

The price per gram of gold, which lost value alongside the drop in the price of an ounce of gold yesterday, ended the day at 523.4 lire, 0.7% below the previous close.

The price of a gram of gold, which started the new day higher, is trading at Lira 525.0, with a gain of 0.3% at 10:55 am from the previous close. At the same time, the gold quarter is sold at 861 lire and the Republic’s gold at 3,518 lire.

Yesterday, the price of gold fell to $ 1,855 an ounce after ADP private sector employment data released in the US beat expectations. However, the price of an ounce of gold, which rose above $ 1,870 with reaction buys from that level, finds buyers at $ 1,873 with an increase of 0.1% from this level. at the close of yesterday.

Analysts reported that the rise in the dollar index continued to suppress the price of an ounce of gold.


Analysts noted that the real effective exchange rate in the country and data on nonfarm employment, unemployment and average hourly earnings in the report on employment to be announced abroad in the United States have been highlighted.

Analysts said technically one ounce of gold is in resistance at $ 1,890 and support at $ 1,855.


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