What is the price of the quarter of gold today? Gold price for the quarter of June 11, 2021

  1. GoldThe price per gram is trading at the 511 lira level after starting the day with a decline.

    Despite the rise in the price of an ounce of gold yesterday, the price of a gram of gold, which lost value alongside the drop in the dollar rate, closed the day at 514.8 lira, or 1. 3% less than the previous closing.

    The price of a gram of gold, which started the new day depreciating and continued to decline for the fifth day in a row, is trading at 510.9 lire, 0.8% lower than the previous close, at 10 , 40. In the same minutes, the gold quarter is sold at 840 lire and the Republic’s gold at 3,431 lire.

    The price of an ounce of gold finds buyers at $ 1,900, up 0.1% from the previous close.


Analysts said the falling dollar exchange rate was supporting the price per ounce with the hope that ultra-accommodative monetary policy would continue for some time, and noted that the falling dollar exchange rate suppressed the price of gold in the domestic market.

Analysts, who said that US President Joe Biden’s Consumer Confidence Index to be announced in the US will be tracked by the news feed from the European tour, said that technically, $ 1,872 and $ 1,855 are in support position and $ 1,910 is in resistance. position.

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