What is the price of the quarter of gold today? June 23, 2021 gold price


With the effect of the rise in the dollar rate and the price of an ounce of gold, the price of more than 504 lira at the start of the week price per gram of gold, It started on the morning of June 23 with a drop.

In his speech to the House of Representatives Corona Virus Crisis Subcommittee, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said inflation is “temporary.”

Influenced by the positive statement dollar / TL and the fall in world gold prices grams of gold relaxed and fell below 500 TL. price per gram of gold It is at the level of 496, 17 lire.

at the same time quarter of gold From 811.24 lire, gold of the republic It sells for 3.23 lire.

price per ounce of gold and that’s at $ 1,782.56.

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Today, the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey will announce the Financial Services Statistics and Financial Services Confidence Index for June.

Statements by Fed Chairman Jerome Powell on inflation continue to positively affect prices in world markets.

Analysts said the sensitivity of the markets to all manner of explanations and data has increased, and the volatility experienced in the markets in shaping investor expectations could remain the order of the day for some time.

Analysts, noting that the lingering uncertainty in investor expectations makes it difficult to steer the price of an ounce of gold, and said that technically, $ 1,770 an ounce is in support and $ 1,800 in resistance.


The governor of the central bank Şahap Kavcıoğlu held a meeting with the managing directors of banks under the leadership of the Association of Banks.

During the meeting, views were exchanged with the managing directors of the bank on the development of the economy and the latest market movements were assessed.

This meeting was the second meeting with bankers since Kavcıoğlu took office in March.

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