What is the price of the quarter of gold today? June 24, 2021 gold price

The price of a gram of gold trades at the 494 lira level after the day started flat.

Despite the horizontal course of the price of an ounce of gold yesterday, the price of a gram of gold, which fell to 492.7 lira under the effect of the fall in the dollar rate, closed the day at 494, 1 lire, or 0.3% less than the previous closing.

The price per gram of gold is trading at 494.2 lira on 10.10, just above the previous close level, after starting the day flat. In the same minutes, the gold quarter is sold at 800 lire and the Republic’s gold at 3,276 lire.

The price of gold per ounce, meanwhile, finds buyers at $ 1,777, 0.1% below the previous close, after ending the day horizontally.

Analysts said statements by U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) officials about the timing of inflation and interest rate hikes oscillated between a “dove” and a “hawk” attitude, and said that lingering uncertainties due to conflicting statements caused the search for direction under ounce to continue and trades remained stuck in a narrow band.


Analysts, who said the summary of the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey’s Monetary Policy Committee meeting in Turkey, the Bank of England’s interest rate decision abroad, growth in United States and personal consumption spending will be tracked, will be followed by the European Union Leaders’ Summit, which begins today, and members of the Fed. He also noted that the announcements will be at the heart of the markets.

Analysts also said moves could become more evident depending on the break direction of the 1.770-1.785 band below an ounce technically.

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