When, at what time and on which channel is the PSV-Galatasaray Champions League qualifying match taking place? (To be published without password)

UEFA Champions Leaguefrom the 2nd qualifying round Galatasaraythe adventure begin.

Galatasaray He will travel to the Netherlands on Tuesday for the game.

The yellow and red players will do their last training in the stadium where the match will be played.

Fatih Terim He will attend a press conference with a football player at 7:30 p.m.

Champions League 2nd qualifying roundin the PSV – Galatasaray The match will start on Wednesday at 10 p.m.

It has been announced that the PSV – Galatasaray game will be broadcast without a password. The critical fight will be broadcast live on TV8 screens.

in Galatasaray corona virus 2 captured players will not be part of the convoy.

The rematch will take place a week later, on Wednesday July 28. Turk Telekom Stadiumwill be played.


Galatasaray must pass three qualifying rounds to compete in the UEFA Champions League groups.

In the second qualifying round, the yellow-red team that faces PSV will fight in the third qualifying round if they eliminate their Dutch opponent. If Galatasaray also succeeds this round, he will move on to the barrage round and if he gets the results he wants from there, he will have the right to join the groups.


Galatasaray, PSV EindhovenIf he is eliminated, his European adventure will not end. In this case, the yellow-red team Champions LeagueHe will continue to fight for the Europa League even though he was knocked out of the.

If Galatasaray is eliminated by PSV, they will continue their way to the 3rd qualifying round of the Europa League. If he passes the round, he will play the play-offs and can join the groups after the play-off round.

Galatasaray, UEFA Europa League 3rd qualifying roundIf he is eliminated, he will say goodbye to Europe.

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