When does the vaccination for people over 18 begin on Friday? (Minister Koca announced)

The scientific committee of the Ministry of Health on the coronavirus met under the chairmanship of the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca.

The meeting agenda included the latest status of vaccine shipments, the evolution of the vaccination program and the Delta variant which emerged in India and spread rapidly around the world.

Health Minister Fahrettin Koca issued a press release after the meeting. Koca announced that anyone over the age of 18 can get a vaccination appointment starting Friday.

Sharing information on the delta variant, Koca said 134 cases have been seen in 16 provinces so far.

Highlights of Koca’s speeches:

We have implemented the best and most effective treatment in the shortest possible time. We fought the disease with total mobilization with isolation measures and studies of filiation at home. These are the most difficult days in managing the epidemic.

To sum up briefly, we took precautions before we encountered the epidemic, we took steps to protect our society from the epidemic, we fought the disease. Now we are on the verge of fully recovering from the epidemic with a vaccine.


During the epidemic, we lost around 50,000 people to the epidemic. The loss we are suffering from postponed health services due to the epidemic is far greater than that. Although heart attack diagnoses fell 56% during the epidemic, deaths from heart attacks increased by more than 10%. The main reason for this situation is the slowing down of access to health services other than the epidemic or the refusal of our fellow citizens to go to the hospital. This is how we have lost at least 50,000 of our citizens for indirect reasons like this.


While it is not possible to determine what kind of side effects will occur in people with the disease over the next three years, it is reported that three or four times more losses are expected than current deaths. In our assessments, we found that the number of deaths has more than doubled, especially in the over 65 age group, with death 45 days after illness and full recovery. It looks like the next three years will be spent detecting this damage.

We also observe that our vaccines prevent deaths from damage caused by disease. It seems that we will overcome the epidemic days by getting vaccinated. As you know, we have one of the fastest vaccination programs in the world.


Let’s end this period without making a mistake in the last lap. Please everyone should create their own circle of safety and get vaccinated without wasting time.

As of Friday, we will have defined all our citizens who have reached the age of 18. In other words, they will be able to get their appointments on Friday.


We have not yet detected the delta plus variant in our country. If it’s related to the delta variant, we have 134 cases so far. It has been seen in a total of 16 provinces. Its distribution in the provinces began to gradually increase. Mainly seen in Istanbul. 82 of the 134 cases were seen in Istanbul, 18 in Düzce, 8 in Van, 4 in Ankara, 3 in Izmir and 1-2 in other provinces, in a total of 16 provinces.

So far, 34 million doses of Sinovac have reached our country. The Biontech vaccine has so far reached 24 and a half million. Deliveries will take place next Monday and Tuesday. For Sputnik, 400 thousand doses have arrived, tests are underway.


We know that with the disabling or reducing the restrictions, the cases have increased a lot with mobility and contact in this time. Normally, with the removal of these restrictions, we see that the decline has entered a stable period. As you can see, the cases started to stay stable in the 5-6,000 band. With the increase in mobility, we have anxiety. But we know that the cases are more stable and unlike the British variant, we do an intensive vaccination during this period, and the effect of the vaccine is 14 days later. We expect this stable situation to decline further, provided the vaccination becomes widespread within the next two to three weeks.

We do not want to reinstate the restrictions unless it is mandatory. We remind you that we must always use the mask in this period when social immunity does not occur. I think there will be a period when we get rid of masks where social immunity is formed and there is at least 70% vaccination.

I think there is no serious problem with the refusal of vaccines, and we will have no trouble convincing our fellow citizens. I think we can increase vaccination with mobile teams.


The under-18 scientific committee assesses studies and practices around the world. We know there are different approaches from country to country. But we are in favor of immunizing our children and young people, at least under the age of 18, who suffer from chronic illnesses and additional illnesses. However, we do not yet have any clarity on this. We will transfer this according to developments.

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